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21 Aug

Five Date Idea’s You Need to Explore…

Very Married 2015-2


Talk about words to live by… I love this quote by Audrey Hepburn

I believe planned date nights are essential to being “very married”





Being married with children, is quite demanding, so it’s nice to have planned date nights on the agenda. I look forward to dating the MR., it’s always so much fun.  I personally enjoy exploring new places and trying new things. I figured it would be fun to share some of the things we have on our “To Date” List, to give you some ideas, of  some fun things you can do with your honey bunches!


ONE: Catch  a Movie at a Drive- In theater, I couldn’t resist adding this scene from Grease–Enjoy!





TWO:  Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art– & try our hand at sculpting or painting our own masterpieces afterwards.



art museum



THREE: Attend an Opera– This is a must for me, after seeing the scene in “Pretty Woman,” of  Richard + Julia attending the Opera. Such a sweet moment to share with with your special someone


Pretty woman, almost peed my pants




FOUR: See  “I LOVE LUCY”  {The Play} — I recall watching this show religiously growing up, I adored Lucy. Now that there’s an option to view the play, of course I want in- Don’t you? Besides, we get to dress up all pretty and stuff.


P. S. Do you remember this scene of Lucy + Ethel working at the chocolate factory?






FIVE: ” Naked Night ” This is such a cute idea! I can’t wait to invite the “MR.” to this  low cost, adventure. We’re all about saving coins at my crib.  I’m so thankful for the FREE PRINTABLE.  If you don’t know about “Dating Diva’s” I need you to get it together, reclaim your life,  and hop over there to subscribe— Trust me, you want them on your team! They’ll  help you keep things..uhhhmm, “interesting”


Look at these pics, you have to admit, this idea is pretty brilliant!








If you have some winning date night ideas, that you think other couples can benefit from,  email me.  I’d love to feature them here on the site!







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