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18 Aug



So “National Lipstick Day” happened and I just couldn’t resist this purchase, especially since Ulta made it super easy with the rewards points I’d racked up.  Originally, I hadn’t planned on making this purchase, I’d arrived to my beauty haven with my list in hand, but Urban Decay wasn’t on it… I had every intention of walking out of the store with my “Alter Ego” Lorac lipstick, because I’d been wanting to try them for some time, no reason in particular, I hadn’t heard any rave about them, but I was excited to see if they were as awesome as the packaging… I have a thing for cute + shiny you know.

Typical girl, right?

Hubs doesn’t understand my lipstick madness either, but he loves me enough not to question it, I hope you all feel the same


I digress…


So, I arrive to the counter with my lovely Lorac Lippies that happen to be on sale, SCORE… I delicately place my items on the counter, I fumble through my wallet with anticipation of the total, and BOOM!




I look up at the clerk and her lips were adorned with the most amazing lipstick, so amazing that I had to ask the question.

Y’all know the one….

It begins with,  Hi!


Her eyes lit up and the rave began…


“Oh, it’s new, it’s by Urban Decay… I absolutely love it, its so smooth, and moist, you’ll never believe it’s a MATTE, it doesn’t have that dry feel to it  like other Matte lipsticks I’ve tried…Oh yea, the names “Menace” we just got them in, you should check ’em out”


I asked, are you a coffee drinker?

She says, “Yes, 3 cups a day and I haven’t had to re-apply yet!”


I shot her the side-eye like, “say, WORD!”


she said, “Seriously, it’s that awesome!”


I immediately raced over to the Urban Decay section and snatched these babies up!




After Dark

& Blackmail





These lippies are absolutely everything she said they were, then some! I’m so pleased with the color payoff and the fact that they aren’t drying like other mattes I’ve used.  I’ve worn them for hours and hadn’t had to replenish my lipstick, and I’m always drinking something. I’m telling y’all, these janks are the move.

Check out these swatches:





 “After Dark”





I’m looking forward to wearing them more. I’ve only worn “Blackmail” around the house, I’m saving it for fall… not that I can’t wear it now, it’s just that I’m naturally drawn to bright colors during the spring/summer months, so you’re more likely to see me hopping about in BOLD BRIGHTS until fall strikes  {in a few weeks}, and then it’s ON!


I’ll be sure to share some pics of me actually wearing the lipstick, but today just isn’t that day. Y’ALL,  a sistah is tired, and I  don’t want to give y’all tired face. Lol!

The Breakdown:


Long Lasting

Deep Pigmented Color

Keeps Lips Moisturized

Has that Beautiful Matte Finish

Non-drying formula w/ smooth application

No crumbling or creasing

Bonus: Nothings cooler than lipstick (and nail polishes)  with daring names… which sounds more appealing,  Menace &  Blackmail,  or Hot Pink & Dark Purple

emmhmm, Exactly!


The cost is a bit high, as each tube was a whopping $22 bucks

Would recommend adding a bit of a fragrance

Takes a little effort to remove the lipstick entirely, but this could also be a pro 🙂

Bottom Line:

final rate

 I LOVE. THESE Lippies!  The colors are really intense, makes my lips look like a sweet candy daydream…

What’s the word ladies? Have y’all tried the Urban Decay,” Matte Revolution” Lipstick yet? Did y’all enjoy this article?  Too short, too LOOOONNNGGG, too many pictures, let me know your thoughts, leave a note below.

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