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18 Aug

Vogue + BEY

Umma just let this sit here for a sec…..



Okay, I’m Back!


Lets talk about this…


Word on the street is that BEY, AKA, Mrs. Carter,  will be gracing the September’s issue of VOGUE!


Wait, lemme say it again for those who didn’t catch it!!!



Why the hype?


Well, only because it’s the absolute HOTTEST issue of  the entire year, and not just for VOGUE, but for the fashion industry altogether.  AND because BEY will be making history as the FIRST BLACK FEMALE ARTIST, TO GRACE THE COVER OF VOGUE, FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER!


I’m so very happy for her. She works hard and it pays off.

Black Shoulder Beyonce Vouge Cover

Beyonce Sheer

Can you imagine what it would be like to be bestie’s with YONCE’


I imagine the conversations to go something like this…


….Bey, what you want for your birthday?

Beyonce laughing

Well, I guess I’ll start with the  cover of VOGUE!


Beyonce giphy

Check out these throwbacks:




Vogue 2013


September proves to be a promising month, with the return of Empire, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, + The September issue of Vogue! Who’s ready?


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