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20 Sep

Looking For “Bae” AKA Mr. Do Right?

You're taking that early morning scroll through your Facebook timeline + whadayahkno, your old high school friend just got engaged to her Mr. Right! You wanna be genuinely happy for her, but in the pit of your stomach you feel that little knot of jealousy forming.  Having been single for a while, you're secretly wishing you were the one getting engaged.  Besides,...
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3 Sep


If you've been on the net as of late, you've probably stumbled upon these lovely images, of young girls +  women all over the globe, taking pride in who they are, by embracing their personal journeys of how they were "BORN and MADE" Those photos  are a result of  a recent collaboration with Carol's Daughter and  I AM THAT GIRL. The concept is for...
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