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26 Aug

5 Motivational Videos That Will Inspire You

One of the biggest challenges for creatives and entrepreneurs is staying motivated to pursue their dreams and aspirations when the chips are down. We tend to get discouraged and question ourselves and our purpose; especially when we don’t get the results that we expected or if things appear to get too complicated and time consuming. The least desirable thing for any of us to do is to put in work and not see any progress or positive advancement occur.

The bottom line is we are result oriented, we want to know that what we’re doing is worthwhile, we want to know that we’re headed down the right path, we want proof!   Proof that our sacrifice isn’t in vain. I remember the importance of that “Great Job!” sticker when I was in second grade. It was something about receiving that sticker on my assignment that made doing the “work” worthwhile. When I got good grades, I knew that good things would come from it, so it motivated me to keep striving. Same thing goes for us as adults. We want our ‘Great Job’ stickers, son!  We want the folks who told us we couldn’t do it, to see that we could… so when all the odds start stacking against us, lack of funding, lack of time, lack of support, lack of resources,  that creative energy begins to deplete, and your hope starts to crumble; then we start to question… “Am I really built for this?” “Is it even worth it”

That’s why I took it upon myself to create this list of must see motivational videos that will inspire you into action, and get you back on track with accomplishing your goals and living the life you deserve.

  • Tamyra Buie

    Hello there!! I just want to say thank you so much for this compilation of videos and your wonderful word of encouragement. I must say I’m very proud of your site, and of you!!! God has really used you and I’m so glad that you are allowing him to order your steps.. Please continue to chase your dream, you have always said that you wanted to be in charge of your own life and to leave your mark and by God!! You’re doing just that. Btw love the fashion also, it is truly you

    09.06.15 at 3:29 am Reply

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