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3 Nov

Cupcakes + Glitter (Amaya’s Style Story)

The Style Story Edition


It’s with great pleasure that I introduce my mini Stylista, Amaya. The Mr. and I call her “Cupcake” or “Cakes” for short. This young one illuminates my ENTIRE world with her unfiltered brilliance. We have a personal mantra that we share which is that “Everything is better with Cupcakes + Glitter.”I could tell you that she’d have cupcakes for breakfast {if it was actually legal in our house} but you’ve probably factored that in already (given the nickname).  Today’s article features my young one and her dashing style + personality.

Meet Stylista Amaya J.!














Dress|Vest|Sandals: Target (OLD)

Macaron Coin Purse: Adorned by Chi

Headband|Necklace: Justice


Me: Cupcake  I mean,  Stylista Amaya, you’re up Dear!  Enlighten us with your Style Story. What are you wearing and what’s the BIG IDEA behind the assembly of your look for the day?

Amaya’s Narrative:

I wore the fur vest because I wanted to add a touch of “White House” style to my outfit for the day

Me: White House Style, ehhh? Interesting  * Jots down for future use

I picked this pretty dress because it’s fun, and I enjoy wearing it. PLUS I like the pop of color too (as she smiles a beautiful bright smile of joy).

The headband had purple glitter and I loved the color.  I thought it would be a fun thing to wear since I was going to the “Crayola Experience” for the day.

I  really wanted to eat the Macaron Purse it looks so good, doesn’t it.  Since I couldn’t eat the thing,  I wore it instead. It’s a cute purse to hold my money and lipgloss. *Chuckles

I asked Amaya how she ventured about choosing her shoes for the outfit and she stated that she REALLY likes diamonds and lots of different jewels + stones so she decided that these sandals (pictured above) would be really cute to wear so she just put them on and headed out for some fun.

She’s accessorized with a necklace of her choice.  I asked her share a little background about the necklace she’s wearing. This is what she had to say. “I’m wearing my favorite necklace from Justice. It has a pink “A” on it with an Eiffel Tower. I like the Eiffel Tower because it’s part of history. I LOVE history, it’s one of my favorite subjects.  AND the Eiffel Tower is in Paris I’m going to visit there someday.”

Amaya has a great since of style. She knows what she likes and what she feels comfortable with wearing so I give her the space + opportunity to make her own wardrobe decisions.  When I asked Amaya why she likes choosing her own clothes she said that she likes getting herself dressed “because she can express herself in her own way and that she can inspire other people to dress their own way.” I asked Amaya if she ever encountered situations where she wore something that other people didn’t like at school and she said she did actually. She explained that she wore a plaid skirt with this really cute button down shirt, and a stylish  black jacket. She said she loved it and she knew it would be cute together.  Amaya further explained that some of her classmates looked at her funny. One of the boys at school yelled out “She looks ridiculous” and laughed as she was heading out for dismissal. When I asked Amaya how she felt she shrugged her shoulders and said “It’s not my fault they don’t understand style” 

I asked Amaya to share an encouraging message for girls around the world who have encountered similar situations involving their peers at school. She said that she would tell them to be confident and to forget about the bad things those people are saying because it’s not true AT ALL. She said you have to rid yourself of those negative people because they are bad for you. With gleaming wide-eyes, bold confidence and the sweetest most sincere voice, she belted out that those kinds of people are like Cannons, you have to launch them because if you don’t you’ll risk burning yourself–let those negative people GO and be proud of yourself because you are special the way you are.

******NOTE: This is an unfiltered candid conversation. No embellishing needed, this content is straight from the mouth + mind of Amaya J. herself. She has the hand gestures poppin’ + all people, she’s compassionate about every word she speaks. I’m truly blessed by her and her commitment to inspire other youngsters across the globe. She’s surely someone special.

So there you have it. That covers this sweet Style Story with this sweet style genius.

As a tribute to my little, BIG girl; SD will be featuring little, BIG ones who have defined their own stellar style story and most importantly a sense of responsibility and dedication to being a positive influence within the community.  Stay tuned as there is much more to follow 🙂

Salute to living a fabulous, fun, and free  Cupcakes + Glitter  ™ lifestyle.



  • Kanniece

    That was beautiful just like her. Thank you Amaya we need more young ladies like yourself. I pray I raise your lil cousin to be as confident and inspiring as you.

    11.04.15 at 11:38 am Reply
  • Cristi

    I’m squealing with joy from this!!! Absolutely adorable! It’s so important to instill in our little ones how beautiful they are inside and out by being true to themselves . I don’t have a little cupcake yet but the support and love you pour into her reminds me of my mommy! Love it! Can’t wait to see more of these!

    11.05.15 at 2:32 pm Reply
  • Tiffany

    Wow. She’s such a doll. What a cute article and awesome photos

    11.09.15 at 12:37 am Reply
  • Law_Fal

    She is adorable!

    11.13.15 at 5:16 pm Reply

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