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3 Mar

Tea + Confetti w/ Author, Blogger + Inspirationalist Treka L. House

Pink & Yellow Flowers tea setting my intent bracelets Tea & Confetti is back on the scene and honey we’re so excited! There’s something magical about learning of and sharing in the accomplishments of others. Seeing a woman winning makes #GoalSlaying feel reachable for all of us; but when I see one of my fellow #BrownGirls making moves… Oh, darling! It takes me to a higher place, it literally FEEDS. MY. ENTIRE. SOUL! It sends quiet whispers vibrating throughout the depths of me. Those whispers serve as a gentle, yet ultimate reminder that I TOO AM ABLE. That we Brown Gals, are not the EXCEPTION, that we are GLORIOUS, CAPABLE beings cut from the cloth of excellence. Having said all of that, it’s with great pleasure that I introduce you all to one of my most favorite-est #BROWNGIRLS. Yup, just like that I made up a word, Lol! Her name is Treka… Treka L. House to be exact. This woman exemplifies #BLACKGIRLMAGIC. Mrs. House is one of Greenwood, Mississippi’s finest and she just so happens to be my beautiful, highly gifted and talented bestie!

I’ve had the honor of watching this beautiful woman #SLAY on repeat and it’s so uplifting. I truly admire the woman she is and I hope you all can appreciate  and value this interview at least half as much as I do.

As y’all know, we always have a steeping sesh before we start serving up the Tea. Before we dive into the main topics we’ve asked Mrs. House to answer a few random questions. Check out what she has to say…

SD: When you’re out with your girls on a Saturday afternoon, which are you most likely to recommend?

a. Midday Coffee

b. Afternoon Tea

c. Mimosa-  YAS- clink, clink 🙂

SD: Which do you prefer? Electronic books or Hardcopy

a. Electronic eBook-I like to carry all of my books with me

b. Show me the Pages… Hardcopy Please!

c. Neither, why read when I can indulge in reality t.v

SD: Bold Matte Lippie, Gloss, or Chap Stick?

Bold Matte Lippie, for sure!

SD: How do you keep track of your daily happenings?

a. Digital Calendar/App

b. Kate Spade Planner/Calendar

c. Chile, I have digital apps + super cute planners, BUT  I never seem to use them

d. I use a digital calendar, but I also write things down in my agenda/planner as well.

SD: If you could choose one thing/trend to do away with, what would it be and why?

I  can do away with people masking their insecurities with this false pretenses of being unbothered. As I scroll down my timeline, I’m constantly bombarded with statuses of individuals trying to convince their followers and/or so called haters that their life is without any issues. Any person honest enough with themselves would never believe that no one is without some sort of struggle. I’m a firm believer in being yourself, it’s beautiful to be unique. Our trials mold us for our purpose. Furthermore, if you must pretend, choose silence. It’s better for onlookers to speculate than for someone to live with an obvious lie.

SD: If you could live anywhere in the world, for a year, with all expenses paid, where would it be and why?

I would have to say Singapore. I’ve been there once and it was beautiful. My friend and I flew there mid winter and it was full of sundresses, great food, exciting happenings and the best blueberry margaritas known to man. I had the most fascinating time with my husband as we explored and enjoyed some much needed quality time. If I could relive those moments again for a year I would.

Which are you most likely to carry in your purse?

a. Tic Tacs

b. Chewing Gum

c. Take me as I am, hot breath and all! 🙂

SD: Give SD readers a little sneak peek into your excellence… Who are you?


My name is Treka L. House and I’m from a small town called Greenwood, MS. I love heels, handbags, lipsticks and natural hair. I am a new author to my debut, “Breaking Point”. I am not just an author though, I am a passionate writer. Writing has always been effortless and freeing for me, that’s why I can’t figure out why it took me so long to undertake it as a career. It doesn’t feel like work, it feels like a vacation to my imagination and I love it. That’s when I knew that writing was exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I also enjoy inspiring and uplifting others, because it feels good. I know for sure that my purpose is to encourage others, particularly through my experiences and my writing. It’s the most invaluable effort next to me being a wife and mother. I am a military spouse to a Navy Nurse Corp Officer. I am the mother of a sassy ten year old daughter and comical six year old son. Life is never dull for me, as I have family and a small circle of friends that depend on the best parts of me. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I also have a Masters of Business Administration/International Management. Though I am very proud to be a degree holder, I have longed for the freedom to have a livelihood full of passion and the use of my imagination, writing offers me that. Additionally, I adore research. There are very few pieces of information I can’t find. I love the challenge of piecing information together.

SD: When did you realize what you wanted to be in life?

I’ve wanted to write a book for about 11 years, but I wanted to make use of my degree and help support my family. However, my husband understood how much publishing a book means to me, and he supported me leaving my position and pursuing my passion. I procrastinated a bit, but what I learned was, it’s not how long it takes you to finish, it’s that you finish.

SD: What specialized requirements or skills would someone need to have in order to be successful in your particular career field?

I wouldn’t say that you need a specialized requirement or skill, but more so passion. Like all career fields, you have to have a strong desire to excel and the determination to make that happen. When you write, you can’t be in a box, you have to be free and open to what flows from you. Don’t follow the pattern of others, instead create your own.



SD: What is one thing you wish you’d known earlier in your career or in life?

I wish I would have embraced me earlier on in my life. I wish I would have appreciated the uniqueness I possess and not allowed the insecurities of others to be transferred over to me. I wish I would have trusted God with who he was molding me into, instead of conforming to the robot ways of the world. I wish I would have started self-reflecting more, so that I had more of a sense of who I was. I wish I would have loved the hell out of me, the way I do now.

SD: What piece of advice would you give someone who’s interested in working in your career field?

Don’t allow anyone to taint your vision or obstruct your desires with their fears or self-hate. Protect your craft with your life, be as secretive as possible until your spirit is prepared for criticism of any kind. Understand that your work doesn’t have to start perfect, allow the imperfections to work for you. They are what help you grow, if you pay attention.

SD: What are some of the barriers you’ve faced while pursuing your dreams and how did you overcome them? 

I can’t say I’ve faced any barriers yet and I hope I don’t; but I did experience how certain people will wait until they see whose supporting you before they support you. I didn’t allow that to alter my positive attributes though, I want to remain who I am despite the action of others. As long as you know who and what you’re dealing with, you’re ten steps ahead of the game. The only person to hinder you is you, everything else are life lessons. Grow from them.

What inspired Breaking Point?

Actually, I was sitting at work and I needed something to do. My mind is always going and my imagination has always been vivid. It’s so consuming that I get lost in it sometimes. It’s been an escape for me since I was a kid. I figured that I was a good writer, with a playful imagination, why not combine the two? I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I never found the time with being a mother, wife, and working. Then that moment of boredom struck and here I am. Honestly, the words flowed. As I wrote more, I wanted it to have purpose. I wanted it to be a mirror of sorts for everyday women.

What is Breaking Point about?

Well Breaking Point is a fiction piece inspired by real life, everyday occurrences. I feel that women will be able to relate to it from beginning to end. As driven women, especially black women, we are taught that we have to live with the struggles. The solution is often to get through it, but as a driven, black woman, I don’t feel that’s true. I feel that we have to find a therapeutic outlet and deal with whatever is dragging us down. Readers will be able to empathize and even feel what my characters feel

Dr. Amara Jones, a Psychology professor, is everything that every woman desires to be. She’s independent, beautiful, and successful. She decided to take full control of her own life at an early age, determined to beat the odds and conquer the negative impact of her past. Amara has succeeded or so she thought, until she met Xavier Roberts who has shaken her world up to the point of her questioning her sanity. She has been on a journey of celibacy, seeking to gain a closer relationship to God and to get a better understanding of herself; but her recent encounter has her questioning that. She may be forced to deal with her past after all, as running from it may no longer be an option. It will take her best friend Ava to bring clarity to her current life situation. The question is, will Amara be ready for what she will be faced with?


Treka Post Image

What’s your process for writing?

I like to write when my family is either gone or sleep. I hate for my flow to be disturbed, but I don’t like to take away from my family either. I plug my ears with earbuds and listen to the Avant or August Alsina station on Pandora. Many of my ideas, quotes or words for blogs, chapters or posts come when I’m in places where I can’t write. I have had a few instances of writers block, but I would simply take a break from writing. Once I had a friend to tell me not to rush my process and I took that advice, slowed down and stepped back. I accepted that I am a creative. I am not a one dimensional writer, because I am not a one dimensional thinker. I keep track of thoughts and ideas in a journal or in my phone notes. By the way, I am super obsessed with the many journal designs. I have had to walk away from buying a new journal or I would have a million journal notebooks. My process is really me being me and getting caught up in my zone. I literally can’t hear anything when I’m writing.

SD: What tips or resources would you recommend for that individual who’s still seeking to find their path in life?

I would advise that any individual still seeking to find their path in life think about what gives them the greatest joy. Focus on what you get lost in and examine where those interests can take them. Don’t depend solely on the support of others to aid in your success. Do the research and ask those that have done it before you.

SD: Who do you turn to when you need some good sage advice or just someone to hear you out when you’ve had a rough day?

I turn to my husband, my cousin and my two best friends. They are honest and impartial. Plus, they know I’m a sensitive water sign.

SD: How would you describe your personal style?

I’m simple. I’m becoming more open when it comes to style. I’m a work in progress.

SD: If you could share one style hack or beauty tip with SD readers, what would it be?

Every trend isn’t for everybody, find what works well for you.

SD: How do you maintain a healthy work life balance, especially as a mother and/or spouse?

I have embraced “me time”, something that I used to feel guilty about. I literally need time alone, but I don’t like being out. So I walk in the canyons with my trusty sidekick, Pandora and I think. I try to grab every free moment when my family is away from home. Home is my place of peace and where I choose to get much of my “me time”.

SD: It’s so easy for us to speak of the qualities we love in others, but today we want to celebrate you. What do you LOVE about YOU.

I love my smile, it’s captivating (laughs). Seriously, I love how passionate I am for the people I love and how reliable I am. I’m funny as hell and I tend to brighten the worst day, I was born to help others see themselves how God sees them. I’m so imperfect, but the fact that I accept that — that’s what makes me rock. I’m willing everyday to learn more about me and self-improve.

SD: What’s your favorite scripture or quote?

Most people want to be viewed as perfect, I just want to be seen as human. —Treka. L. House

SD: Where can SD readers find you?


Instagram: @TrekaHouse

Facebook: Treka L. House

Twitter: @TrekaHouse

This was so much fun. I enjoyed reading your responses and I’m positive that you’ve got SD readers yearning for more of you.  I appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to share your insight, advice and accomplishments with SD readers. It’s so rewarding to have you as a dear friend and guest on SD. You’ve poured so much of yourself into this interview and I have no doubt that you’ve been an inspiration to many today.


As this interview comes to a close I wanted to give you all the opportunity to support this sister and all of her super dopeness! Remember to go to her site to purchase your very own copy of her Debut book “Breaking Point”. I’ve had the pleasure of reading it in is entirety and BAAABY… it’s FIRE!

Don’t believe me? Check out the amazon reviews for yourself… this book is EVAH-RY THANG!

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  • Treka L. House

    First, let me thank you for featuring me on your website. This is what a supporting friendship looks like and I love you for it.

    Next, I read this interview as if it wasn’t me and I fell in love with Treka L. House all over again. That’s the moment when you know you are walking in your moment. I have grown so much, and I could not be more humble and appreciative of who I’ve grown to be. I truly hope that every reader finds some sort of inspiration in this small town chick, with a big heart and a soulful mind. May each of you prosper beyond your own expectations. Everything is possible, if only you believe.

    I love you Maya!

    03.03.16 at 1:13 am Reply
  • Tanea Chantrell

    Breaking Point is that ONE! Highly recommended, awesome interview – Treka has the best quotes and inspiration, love this chick. For all you facebookers check out her group page Amazing Women Empowering Amazing Women.

    03.03.16 at 4:08 pm Reply
    • Treka L. House

      Why are you so amazing? For everyone reading these comments, Tanea also published a book, called “I Am You”. It’s a deep, I read it in one day. Check out her interview on, she’s raw and transparent. Be sure to check out her site, Oh yes real support the real.

      03.04.16 at 4:03 pm Reply
    • Treka L. House

      Tanea, thank you so much for your amazing words. Your support has always been everything to me, from one author to another.

      03.30.16 at 1:10 pm Reply
  • Catherine Johnson

    Awesome interview, Treka your accomplishment is definitely pave by your attitude as well as your action. (Two Powerful Black Women) Keep up the good work and thanks for shared success!

    03.04.16 at 11:44 pm Reply
    • Treka L. House

      Well well well! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my interview. Your encouragement is part of the reason, I’m able to excel. I will always be grateful!

      03.30.16 at 1:11 pm Reply

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