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28 May

If I Was a Rich Girl…

Talk about being a girly, girl. I’m so obsessed with handbags, shoes, clothes (especially outerwear), and  all things home decor related. Crushing on something fabulous is nothing out of the ordinary for me.  Thats why I decided to start this “If I Was A Rich Girl” (#IIWARG), thread. It’s a fun way to share the things I’ve been coveting as of late.  It’s also a cool way for you to get shopping recommendations as well. Some of the things I share here will be super affordable, so don’t let the title fool you #IIWARG was just super catchy, so I ran with it. I’m not sure what being a rich girl feels like, I’ve always imagined it to involve bottomless mimosas and loads of  boundless shopping.


I don’t own a lot of luxury designer brands but I certainly plan to in the future.  Often times when I need inspiration, I peruse through luxury catalogs at Saks. I haven’t been a huge fan of Gucci since I got my first (second hand) messenger bag years ago. In comparison to some of it’s competitors, Gucci had been lacking. It was missing that edge that I look for in handbags and shoes. In order for a handbag to attract my attention it should have subtle sophistication and a tinge of youthful flair.  I wasn’t getting that from Gucci in years prior. I think they realized that truth, because they’ve been changing things up a lot  lately and I’m loving every bit of  their new direction.


The influx of modern prints, and whimsy esthetics was indeed the pick-me-upper that Gucci needed to gain traction and lure a new fan base of millennial fashion enthusiasts. Though timelessness is essential to maintaining the pulse of a haute couture brand, playing things too safe can backfire, and make a brand seemingly boring and lackluster. Gone are the days of straddling the fence. Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele has fully embraced his whimsical imaginative charm, and he’s pushing it to the limit. He  proves that a change of  direction can be a good thing.


If it hadn’t been for his invigorating creations, I wouldn’t be spending my Saturday raving about Gucci being my new not-so-guilty pleasure.  Gucci’s glam factor has tripled since Alessandro started working his mojo, and I’m so thankful that he’s the new wearer of the “white hat” He’s clearly won me over and earned a front row seat on Style Delegate’s, #IIWARG watch list.  Here is the rollup for the month of May. If you’re even remotely close to rich girl status, these are my recommendations for you. You can’t go wrong with either of these beauties. Each piece is versatile, and fun to style.  Dress it up, or play it down. It’s all up to you queen.


403348_K2LMN_9759_001_075_0000_Light-Dionysus-embroidered-shoulder-bag 403348_K2LMN_9759_002_075_0000_Light-Dionysus-embroidered-shoulder-bag 403348_K2LMN_9759_006_075_0000_Light-Dionysus-embroidered-shoulder-bag 403348_K2LMN_9759_007_075_0000_Light-Dionysus-embroidered-shoulder-bag

Dionysus Embroidered Shoulder Bag

412007_AP00T_5235_001_060_0023_Light-Animalier-leather-shoulder-bag 412007_AP00T_5235_002_060_0023_Light-Animalier-leather-shoulder-bag 412007_AP00T_5235_006_060_0023_Light-Animalier-leather-shoulder-bag 412007_AP00T_5235_004_060_0023_Light-Animalier-leather-shoulder-bag

Purple Shoulder Bag

432281_DLXDT_6491_002_065_0000_Light-Leather-chain-shoulder-bag 432281_DLXDT_6491_001_065_0000_Light-Leather-chain-shoulder-bag

432281_DLXDT_1088_002_065_0000_Light-Leather-chain-shoulder-bag 432281_DLXDT_1088_004_065_0000_Light-Leather-chain-shoulder-bag

Gucci Peony Small Leather Chain Shoulder Purse

432280_DLXZT_8458_001_070_0000_Light-Leather-chain-shoulder-bag 432280_DLXZT_8458_003_070_0000_Light-Leather-chain-shoulder-bag 432280_DLXYT_6460_002_070_0000_Light-Leather-chain-shoulder-bag 432280_DLXYT_6460_001_070_0000_Light-Leather-chain-shoulder-bag

Leather Chain Shoulder Bag

431777_CDZIT_8482_002_071_0000_Light-GG-Marmont-leather-shoulder-bag 431777_CDZIT_8482_003_071_0000_Light-GG-Marmont-leather-shoulder-bag 431777_CDZIT_8482_004_071_0000_Light-GG-Marmont-leather-shoulder-bag 431777_CDZIT_8482_001_071_0000_Light-GG-Marmont-leather-shoulder-bag

Gucci GG Marmont Medium Heart Shoulder Bag

421882_LOOAG_9375_001_080_0000_Light-Sylvie-snake-shoulder-bag 421882_CVLEG_8638_007_075_0000_Light-Sylvie-leather-shoulder-bag 421882_CVLEG_8638_001_075_0000_Light-Sylvie-leather-shoulder-bag 421882_CVLEG_8605_003_075_0000_Light-Sylvie-leather-shoulder-bag 421882_CVLEG_8605_002_075_0000_Light-Sylvie-leather-shoulder-bag 421882_CVLEG_8604_002_075_0000_Light-Sylvie-leather-shoulder-bag

Sylvie Leather Mini Chain Bag

409155_A7M0T_6339_002_080_0000_Light-GG-Marmont-leather-top-handle-bag 409155_A7M0T_1000_001_080_0000_Light-GG-Marmont-leather-top-handle-bag

GG Marmont Top Handle Bag

431277_CWI1T_2591_002_077_0033_Light-Gucci-Animalier-leather-top-handle-bag 431277_CWI1T_2591_006_077_0033_Light-Gucci-Animalier-leather-top-handle-bag 431277_CWI1T_2591_003_077_0033_Light-Gucci-Animalier-leather-top-handle-bag 431277_CWI1T_2591_004_077_0033_Light-Gucci-Animalier-leather-top-handle-bag-2

Animalier Large Leather Top Handle Bag

424886_C9D00_9022_002_075_0000_Light-Leather-t-strap-sandal 424886_C9D00_9022_003_075_0000_Light-Leather-t-strap-sandal 424886_C9D00_9022_004_075_0000_Light-Leather-t-strap-sandal 424886_C9D00_9022_005_075_0000_Light-Leather-t-strap-sandal 424886_C9D00_1000_005_075_0000_Light-Leather-t-strap-sandal

T-Strap Sandals

425930_CQXL0_6476_005_086_0000_Light-Leather-studded-sandal 425930_CQXL0_6476_004_086_0000_Light-Leather-studded-sandal 425930_CQXL0_6476_003_086_0000_Light-Leather-studded-sandal

Light Leather Studded Sandals

426993_C9D00_1000_005_100_0036_Light-Ankle-strap-sandal 426993_C9D00_1000_004_100_0036_Light-Ankle-strap-sandal 426993_C9D00_1000_003_100_0036_Light-Ankle-strap-sandal

Ankle Strap Sandal

431027_CQXH0_6479_005_075_0000_Light-Leather-pump 431027_BNCC0_3662_005_075_0000_Light-Patent-leather-pump 431027_B8B00_8016_005_075_0000_Light-Metallic-leather-pump

 Ankle Strap Pump

How do you feel about the new direction? Is Gucci winning it’s way into your rich girl thoughts? If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can now personalize your Gucci Goods. The service debuted yesterday at the Gucci flagship store in Milan. How dope is that? If you’re like me you appreciate individuality and having the option to own a one of a kind piece of luxury goodness. Gucci is making that dream possible for all of us couture lovers. You can actually add your own touch of bumblebees, and baubles to your already iconic handbag.

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