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29 Sep

Shopping Luxe for The Low: The Saks Off Fifth Experience

High-end, super luxe, I wish I could totally afford that kind of stuff, is typically what comes to mind when I think Saks Fifth Ave . Like, never, I repeat, never once had I thought of Saks as a go-to option for the budget conscious working woman. I mean, seriously… who does? Especially since their ads be like “Louis This, Gucci dat.”

Well, I recently received an invite to attend a blogger hosted fashion event at the local Saks. After indulging in the fall trend report for 2016, bloggers were gifted a discount as a perk for attending the event.




My first thought at the mention of a discount was shoes! BUT, my heart was racing at the assumption that everything was going to be well over my budget. 

To my surprise, that wasn’t the case.

Though a trip to Saks Fifth can set you back a few stacks, their parent store Saks “Off Fifth” is an awesome alternative for the money conscious fashionista to shop luxe for the low. It’s basically my dream turned reality. Luxe brands at lower prices, why resist. 🙂 Like, I legit scored a pair of Saks Fifth pumps for a cute $37 bucks. *Gasp, I know… it’s totally mind-blowing!  

If you’ve never worn a pair of Saks pumps, you need to get on it. Trust me!  The level of comfort is equally as awesome as vanilla-ice cream-sandwiches dipped in rainbow sprinkles. There’s only one way to describe it and that’s Friggin’ De-light-ful!

It’s rare that I find comfy shoes with awesome high heels so I was a bit of a skeptic when I discovered that the Saks brand of shoes were so easy to wear. Like, when did cute, 4” pumps become so friendly?  (P.S. My feet actually survived a 12 hour work day in these shoes)

Before committing to the purchase, I took the shoes for a test drive around the store. I even threw an impromptu dance party while wearing the shoes. It was me, the mirror on the wall, and this royal-loyal Saks Rep. Her name is Karane. I call her Extraordinary. I would’ve never met my darling Dolce Vita boots or my cage-toe Saks Fifth Lace-ups if she hadn’t been so kind.  I told her what I wanted and she introduced me to the cutest OTK boots.

When you score the perfect pair of crush worthy Dolce Vita suede boots for a little over $100 bucks, you rejoice. You tell a friend (hey friend). And you style them with a really cute bomber jacket! I’m looking forward to sharing the deets on how I style my new Saks finds on a day-to-day.


Meanwhile, here’s a look at my top five Saks Off Fifth Finds:

Saks Off Fifth, Fave 1

Saks Off Fifth, Fave 2

Saks Off Fifth, Fave 3

Saks Off Fifth, Fave 4

Saks Off Fifth, Fave 5

Have an awesome day, read another article, and come back to visit soon!

  • Treka L. House

    It’s always amazing to score something cute to wear, at an affordable price. Thank you for always introducing us to great attire opportunities.

    10.02.16 at 7:37 pm Reply

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